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Property Management
Borden Real Estate provides comprehensive management for buildings in the Triangle Area. Our property management specialists work closely with real estate owners to keep tenants happy and operating costs low. At Borden Real Estate we have what it takes: the experience necessary to prevent future problems, the relationships to obtain the lowest bids from contractors, and the ability to match our services with your needs. When Borden manages your property, you will be building long-term value in your asset.


We are there at the start and there at the finish. Borden Real Estate serves the development needs of investors and users of office, industrial, retail and residential properties. From site selection, rezoning, design and permitting all the way through the construction phase, we handle it all from beginning to project completion. With a proven record of successful projects, we have the local presence, experience, and expertise to maximize the value of the projects you believe in.

Thinking about selling a commercial building or a site for development? You’ve come to the right place. We can help you get the best possible price for your property. As your strategic advisor, Borden Real Estate will take the time to completely understand your needs and objectives. After a thorough property valuation using our extensive database and market knowledge, we’ll price your property to sell, then create a customized marketing strategy for your target audience.

At Borden Real Estate, we have the resources and technology to reach the widest audience possible and track their interest. Recognized for our proactive approach, we will seek out suitable prospects and feedback about the property. Once we’ve brought offers from qualified buyers, we’ll help you evaluate them and then negotiate on your behalf. When the property is under contract, the Borden Real Estate team will manage the process carefully until the sale has successfully closed. We know how, and when, a deal is done.

Considering the purchase of a commercial property or a site for development? Borden Real Estate’s local market knowledge will give your business a competitive edge. After working to genuinely understand your needs and objectives, we prepare a market survey and identify appropriate properties utilizing our database and market experience. For each property, we will establish pricing, set up and attend on-site inspections, assemble demographic information, and gather property specifications.

Once Borden Real Estate has provided you with the available options, we’ll assist in the selection process – not just determining which property fits your needs and objectives, but what value your business would add to the property. Once the best options are selected, we’ll use our well earned negotiating skills to get you the best deal possible. We will also help you with financing, ownership structuring, tax planning, estimating capital improvement costs, etc. Result: a smooth transaction, a valuable property and a trusted partnership.

Tenant Representation

Whether you are considering relocating, expanding, renewing, subleasing, renegotiating, or starting a new lease, Borden Real Estate can help you. We understand every business is different, but all real estate decisions affect the bottom line. Our customer service, local market knowledge, and ability to provide solutions will give you a distinct advantage.

Borden Real Estate works hard to identify your objectives and issues, so we can create a strategy together. If you are searching for a space, we will put together a customized process for you. All possible options will be identified and we will provide you with the specific market information relevant to each property and your situation. We are very experienced at negotiating lease terms and we can help you through the process. In the end, we will deliver a successful solution for your business.

Landlord Representation
For landlords, the professional team at Borden Real Estate can develop and execute a successful marketing strategy for any property. Our brokers will recommend rental terms based on comparative findings, current market conditions, and the actual physical product. As part of our marketing package, we’ll list your property on commercial real estate databases and advertise using appropriate media.

To be proactive, Borden Real Estate will leverage our local knowledge and directly solicit suitable prospects. We know when leases expire for neighboring tenants. We closely monitor the news for new businesses growing or moving in. And we network in the community to generate leads and referrals. In the quest to attract and retain quality tenants, we carefully track activity and record feedback from potential renters. We respond quickly to requests for proposals, provide financial analysis of any potential deals and eagerly negotiate deal terms. In other words, Borden Real Estate can coordinate every aspect of the leasing process.